Virtual CFO

We believe that a CFO (Chief Finance Officer) is the heartbeat of any successful organization. Successful CFOs partner with business owners and other managers in making critical decisions which directly impact the success of your business.

Why Do I Need a Virtual CFO?

Since most entrepreneurs have to labour long and hard to get their companies where they want to be, they have to wear a number of different hats. If you are an entrepreneur, you have certainly felt, at some point, as if you’re doing everything by yourself! In such a case, you need a strategic partner for managing and reviewing accounts, preparing annual budgets, tax planning and much more. In short, you need someone who can complement your finance & accounting team and manage your expanding ventures. At the same time, you can’t afford a CFO who demands a fat salary!

Recruiting this heartbeat is not an easy task and comes with a huge cost to company. Not every business can afford this bill.

Whether you need a seasoned leader to provide advisory or interim CFO services or support for critical projects, we can provide the leadership, action and results to meet your needs.

For this very reason, we at Hanif Habib & Co. provide Virtual CFO services. We bring in the right amount of experience in managing accounts and team, hiring, planning and strategy, performance evaluation and most important give professional face to the organisation. We are not full-time employees of your company, but will always be available for consultation and implementation. Depending on your needs, we can offer a flexible model for engagement as VirtualCFO, and help take your company to ever-greater heights.

What comes with our CFO services?

  • High level review of your financial reports, statements and budgets
  • Strategic idea formulation
  • 24/7 availability in terms of financial discussion and problem solving
  • Representing the company in high level meetings with potential investors, bankers, lenders;
  • Advanced financial planning and analysis;
  • Selective internal audits
  • Tax planning and profit repatriation advises
  • Reviewing and re-designing systems of internal control within the organization to prevent frauds and errors
  • Organization re-structuring advise – when necessary
  • Corporate finance advises – debt v/s equity injection when financing needs arise
  • Interaction with company external auditors and regulators

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